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Marymas Chess Tournament
come along to Irvine to a friendly, wee, well run tournament. New venue this year, near to shops and nice social club will lend itself to a good time for all. Decent prize money in every section so get stuck in Big Grin
Entries to: Stephen L. Clark
47 Sillars Meadow
Ayrshire KA12 OLG
Tel: (01294) 278638
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for map Smile
Time to bump this tournament back to the top of the list.

Time for more people to enter. Stephen Clark events are always well organised and enjoyable to play in. Sure Its a new venue - just trust Stephen's judgement on that.

Time to ask the odds on three other people with exactly the same grade as me entering the same section.
I don't have the time right now to do some sums but it feels like a odds of more than a million to one.
healthy amount of entries(77 so far) for this great, friendly, tournament Big Grin
Time to bump this tournament back to the top of the pile.

Now 80 entries, and rapidly increasing. Don't leave it too late to enter. Capacity is limited
Well done to Steve and his team. A very enjoyable congress.
I would just like to say thanks to Steve for organising a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed controlling at it. As my first time controlling at a Congress event I felt it went pretty well. I don't know if Alan and John agree though... Tongue

Congratulations to you, Roland, on your 1st place finish and to Leston. I thought it was quite fitting that you were both first equal given you played one another in round 1 and drew.

P.S. My feet hurt...
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Thanks to the organiser and the controllers. Always enjoy playing at Marymass, especially this year, 5 rounds and not one junior opponent to lose grading points to.

Only gripes, was that it was a warm room even with the windows open and it was a little cramped, but having helped organise the Glasgow congress, I know only too well the trade off between cost and venue size / facilities / location.

Well done all.

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