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Three Scottish GM norms...
Andy Howie Wrote:The only problem is for a titled tournament, FIDE insist it has to be a titled licensed arbiter. I can't see too many of them wanting to lose their licenses for something like that.

That's why I asked about the arbiter earlier - the guy in charge at Azov seems to have a pretty decent resume.

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Nikolai Pushkov? Yes I know the guy. Former European Senior Champion. I played him in Greece a few years ago (and nearly beat him too!). Seen him at a lot of touraments since. Maybe he's needing to subsidise his State Pension with a bit of dirty money to offset his travel costs. Or maybe he was never there and it's all fake.

Do we have any old Arbiters needing a bit of extra income?
Hi Alistair,

It would not be the first time a whole tournament has been faked.
One of the lads from the English forum as added this chessbase article.

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Also other tournaments are coming to light that look at bit iffy.

We should embrace this scam not criticise it.

Invent a massive tournament filled up with ill people.
Publish the results and then let the media know that everyone who took part was cured of their illness.

Chess will be hailed as a new wonder drug - we will gets load and loads of funding and then divvy it up amongst all CS members.


I invented a whole league match once complete with six games. Edinburgh 1 v Lasswade 1

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