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Chess Behind Closed Doors

On Monday I picked up a smashing digital/vid camera complete with a 8 GB card, battery charger
and batteries for a couple of quid in a second hand shop in Haddington.

Thought I'd try it out.

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made me laugh, nice one Big Grin
Nice1 haha

More stuff like this for the forum pls lol
What was the opening?
But were the pawn covered in grit - thereby making them Sandy Bells.

OK I'll leave now!!
Geoff, in another thread I mentioned Tommy Milligan .In trying to find
some info on Tommy I came across your tribute to Spike Mullen, it was
a lovely piece.
Geoff, Haddington? is that near Helensburgh? Big Grin
Geoff your video made me laugh out loud (particularly as I have a friend who is a handbell ringer Tongue)

It is really good to see the light hearted side of chess again =)
In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.........
Patrick McGovern Wrote:Geoff, Haddington? is that near Helensburgh? Big Grin
what you asking Geoff for he doesn't know where helensburgh is

Helensburgh obviously does not exist and I think someone made up them games to keep me quiet.

And look at the open window (lifted from the front page)

[Image: 2qc09qd.jpg]

Someone has left a light on.

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