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Summer Chess
Dear all,

Is there any chess clubs that meet in the summer?
I am returning to Ayrshire at the end of May to stay and would like to play a few games - graded or otherwise.

Ryan Foster
If you are prepared to travel, Paisley chess club is open over the summer.

Monday's & Wednesday's 7.30 onwards

Thursday afternoon as well.
Ryan there are chess tournaments in ayrshire this summer, go to Ayrshire Chess Association website Big Grin
Many thanks for replies.

I hope to enter the Ayr Congress in May so can catch up with other players.
As far as Paisley is concerned, a couple of arbiter colleagues are members so I will chat to them at the 4NCL.
I would recommend going along to the Ayrshire Prizegiving, the Lightning Tournament is good fun!
I can vouch for that Gary. Ryan come along for the fun and I will buy you a pint after it =)
Out of interest Pat, when was the last time Dreghorn suffered a plague of moths?
I spent many hours researching your question Gary; the record books relate the following information;
in 2008 when Prestwick Chess club visited Greenwood there was a plague of moths in the local vicinity that night. The likes of which have never been seen since.

Big Grin 8) Tongue :U =) ;P
From whose wallet ?? Big Grin

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