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Loss of Grant
Ok lets get a bit controversial

1. Is chess an art? no its a game so no grant there
2. Does chess provide support for the disadvantaged no its a game so no grant there
3. Does chess counter debilitating illnesses and conditions no its a game etc
4. Does Chess directly help the disabled overcome their disabilities no its a recreational game...
5. Does Chess provide support for the community, no......
6. Does Chess cure the sick? No...

7. Is chess competitive YES!! Can chess be used to promote Friendship YES!! since it is competitive can it be classed as a sport ? Maybe

Only way I can see it getting grants in the future. I think the amount of cash available to sporting bodies in Scotland alone would surprise a lot of people.
To carry on the "bit controversial".....

Perhaps things should be looked at in a slightly different light. There is no way that chess can compete for Sports Funding or many of the other funding avenues currently mentioned.

What I think Chess needs first is Marketing, something that can be used to positively promote chess with elements such as:-
- The ability to make reasoned decisions
- The ability to consider cases of action and reaction to a situation
- Development of concentration skills, particularly helpful in improving personal education
- Give chess a "Brand"
(for example for a long time the brand of F1 was Marlbourgh until cigarette advertising was banned)

--these bullets are not "real" - just examples of my personal thinking

Rather than employ a professional fundraiser maybe we should consider research and analysis regarding peoples perceptions of chess. Knowing that a way could be devised to then target where potential funding could come from as well as changing perceptions if the survey shows a need to do so.

Long term funding isn't going to come quickly so we should perhaps take time out to develop a way forward.

None of this fanciful thinking takes away the fact that we now face an immediate and serious funding deficit which still needs to be addressed.
Lets carry the controversy.
There is one marketing point for chess that everyone has over looked.
The integrational value of Chess.
In the small town of Haaksbergen near Enschede in Eastern Netherlands, they have been running a tournament with the the Initials IBIS short for Integrating Blind into Society. The local government and townspeople of Haaksbergen have supported this event for 39 years. This event you have 2 able bodied and 2 visually handicapped playing each other. The event has won a FIDE award for the ideals of the tournament.
Where else can you find this happening? Not in Field sports, by this I mean able bodied and disabled competing on equal terms . That would impress any grant body I would say
I agree Stevie. That's one of the things which makes Chess unique in my opinion, among other things. That's why I think we should focus on those things, rather than trying to make Chess fit in with what lots of other organisations are doing to get funding.
Just had an invite to join the 'Whitehouse & Grange' bowling club pushed through my door and to try it out at an open day.

Perhaps chess clubs should try such low cost marketing?
"Just had an invite to join the 'Whitehouse & Grange' bowling club pushed through my door and to try it out at an open day.
Perhaps chess clubs should try such low cost marketing ? "

Good idea Mike although I would suggest clubs make sure they have some young fit volunteers for this as having recently posted 800 such leaflets I have a newfound respect for the postman. Other ideas include articles in local papers, posters in shops, stalls at local events and even just taking a chess set and sitting in a park or outdoor café with a friend generates a fair bit of interest. None of these things require a great deal of money or specialist knowledge, just a bit of willing on behalf of the members.
What was the response to the 800 leaflets ? Were you able to measure it?
I note that a small article about the loss of the grant appears in the Sunday Times today (main section, p. 16).
Ah someone noticed
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Mike the response was to be honest not exactly overwhelming but did gain a little interest. We got 1000 leaflets printed, 100 were given out at local community outdoor open day where people could come and talk with us and play a game of chess. This seemed popular, we got a lot of interest on the day and two people from this came to the club. A further 100 were given out by our members at various times and places and a man we met in the local park came to the club because of this. The other 800 were as mentioned put through letterboxes and did spark the interest of an experienced player who had been thinking of coming back to chess. Also two of the areas in which we targeted the leaflets and other advertising are trying to get there own chess clubs off the ground (one is an informal evening in a local café that plans to combine chess and knitting !) so it is possible our clubs promotions may have been an influence. As I said not great results and as you know not everyone that comes to a chess club sticks with it but I think it was worth a try. The cost of 1000 leaflets and 250 business cards was about £45. I like to think we may have planted some seeds as not everyone that hears of a chess club comes straight away.

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