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The 2nd Elite Armageddon Championships
There are still spaces available for this event and therefore the entry deadline has been extended until 6pm on Thursday evening.
Round One Draw:

Hugh Brechin v FM Alan Tate
Calum MacQueen v Hamish Olson
Jim Doyle v FM Iain Swan
Andrew Green v Mikey Grove
Nigel Chapman v IM Mark Orr
George Neave v Jonathan Livingstone
James Watson v David Oswald
Matthew Lunn v Douglas McKinnon

Full Point Bye - Graeme Kafka

Unfortunately, there is an odd number so there will be a full point bye floating around - if anyone is in Edinburgh over the weekend and would fancy a game against one of the poor souls that is getting the full point bye, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
Hope it's as good or even better than the last one David! Sorry I couldn't make it Sad
Thanks Andy, hopefully see you at the next one!

A last minute entry means a slight change to the draw (most have the same opponents but switched colours!):

Graeme Kafka v FM Alan Tate
GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant v Hugh Brechin
Hamish Olson v Calum MacQueen
FM Iain Swan v Jim Doyle
Mikey Grove v Andrew Green
IM Mark Orr v Nigel Chapman
Jonathan Livingstone v George Neave
David Oswald v James Watson
Douglas McKinnon v Matthew Lunn
Round 2 Draw
Tate v Orr
Neave v Arakhamia Grant
Green v Oswald
All 1 pt
MacQueen v McKinnon
Lunn v Swan
Doyle v Olson
All .5
Chapman v Kafka
Brechin v LIvingstone
Watson v Grove
Rd 4
MacQueen (2½) v Arakhamia-Grant (3)
Tate (2) v Swan (2½)
Green (2) v Kafka (2)
Grove (1½) v Orr (1½)
Olson (1½) v Oswald (1½)
Brechin (1½) v Doyle (1½)
Neave (1) v McKinnon (1)
Lunn (½) v Livingstone (½)
Chapman (½} v Watson (½)
The 2nd Elite Armageddon was another great success, with some high quality, entertaining chess and quite a few blunders too (including yours truly, who fell for a cheeky queen sacrifice stalemate trap!). The Armageddon finish was as exciting as ever with no draws in the 36 games!
Big thanks to Alex McFarlane for this weekend - as always he was fantastic. Also thanks to everyone who played and supported the event.


1st - FM Alan Tate (£150)
2nd - GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant (£75)
3rd - FM Iain Swan (Free entry to another Elite Armageddon Event)
Plate Winner - Calum MacQueen (Free entry to another Elite Armageddon Event)

Final Standings:

1st - FM Alan Tate
2nd - GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant
3rd - FM Iain Swan
4th - Andrew Green
5th - Calum MacQueen
6th - Hugh Brechin
7th - Graeme Kafka
8th - IM Mark Orr
9th - George Neave
10th - David Oswald
11th - Jim Doyle
12th - Mikey Grove
13th - Hamish Olson
14th - Matthew Lunn
15th - James Watson
16th - Douglas McKinnon
17th = Nigel Chapman & Jonathan Livingstone

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