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Well another season over!!
Patrick McGovern Wrote:
Quote:An anonymous card was left for Rudolph on the boards where CSBOS1 were playing in the last round of the season.

not entirely sure why I am mentioned in despatches ;P

However Mr McNab, as your first chess captain, I hope you are not insinuating anything 8)

My lawyers are watching ;P

Only speculation but I do recall you have spent time in Benidorm over the last few years!
the average attendance by scottish players in Benidorm is 8, last year there were 10! take your pick as there are some very dodgy characters in the group. with the names of Disco, Shirley, Titanic, Last Pawn, Harry Potter, try to identify them, i cannot say as i am sworn to secrecy. however are they guilty? mmmmmmm 8)

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