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Siegrun's Book Giveaway
As the title says, Siegrun has asked me to post a list of her books that she'd like to give away. The list is as follows (desc = descriptive notation):

British Chess Mags 1994/5; some other mags
Fischer: My 60 memorable games (desc)
Forbes: Polgar sisters
Keene: Aron Nimzowitsch
Niemzowitsch: The Praxis od my system (desc)
Károlyi: Judit Polgar
Kasparov: My great predecessors IV
Motwani: H O T Chess
Gerzadowicz: Journal of a Chess Original
Gerzadowicz: Thinker’s Chess
Bologan: Selected games
Shirov: fire on board
Reti: Masters of the chess bd (desc)
Kmoch: Rubinstein’s masterpieces (desc)
Tartakower: 500 Master Games (desc)
Abrahams: Technique in chess (desc)
Keene: How to beat Kasparov
Pandolfini: Principles of the new chess
Littlewood: How to play the middle game (desc)
Philips: The chess teacher
Walker: Test your chess
Kostyev: 40 lessons
Hodgson: Attack with Julian
Avni: creative chess
Avni: The GM’s mind
Avni: Surprise in chess
Taulbut: How to play the ruy lopez
Barden: The ruy lopez
Schiller: Complete defense to King Pawn openings

Please send her an email if interested.

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