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Kevin Spraggett blog
I meant to write/ask about this a while back but got side-tracked. Another topic referencing his blog reminded me of it just now.

Am I alone in finding half of Spraggett's blogs just plain offensive (pornographic/ foul language/etc.)? Should CS be advertising this site with a direct link? I know the internet has infinitely worse things floating around, but we wouldn't link to those either!
Hi Andy.

I've always enjoyed his Blog. The invesitgation into Alekhine's death
(was he chocked or did he choke) was well researched.

His latest effort. :Nikolai Krylenko: The Bastard who re-shaped World Chess' makes also good reading.
Much better than the normal fare.

OK it contains a naughty word.
You will hear worse when a player hangs his Queen.


Of course in posting this you will have given him more hits. =)
The bad news is some of you will realise;
"So that is where is Chandler gets some of his blog/articlce ideas from"

I did once toy with the idea a few years ago about reviewing a made up book called:
"Chess Traps for B*******" on the Corner but in the end pulled it.
(Though I did if I recall plug it on the ECF site.)

My object being to entertain rather than offend.
(though I sometimes get them mixed up.) Sad

Perhaps a warning to go with the link that this may offend should be added
but I'd rather read his stuff than 99% of the other chess crap that is out there. (mine included.)
Hi Geoff,

There are definitely some really good articles in there, no dispute about that, and using the word bastard doesn't offend me at all, but some of the stuff there is just puerile filth; the Harry Potter sketch? Gratuitous porn shots? What's that all about?!

Anyway, I don't even mind if I'M offended (I'm an adult, I can generally deal with being offended) but I can hardly point my younger students in the direction of this site - I wouldn't want to AND I'd get shot by their parents if I did! - and I don't think CS should be doing so either.

Whilst this might be entertaining viewing, we have to take into consideration that minors come onto this forum. We should also consider the fact that parents of potential juniour players will come on here for information and whatnot, and so we shouldn't be having this kind of thing on here. By all means keep it as a favourite in your browser; but not here.

Andy: please PM me to advise where on the website we have a link to it?


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