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FIDE - New Player Licences
Alex McFarlane Wrote:Lest we have a panic from Andy's brief message.

Andy McCulloch Wrote:Another contribution to the ECF(forum) points out that the last time the ECF(federation) signed an open letter, they ended up in a rather expensive lawsuit with FIDE.

This is a simplification. The letter was in advance of action at CAS. The letter itself did not lead directly to court action.

You are ruining my dreams Big Grin
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Those with a serious interest in this important issue will be interested to read the above. FIDE's presidential board have at least momentarily and apologetically climbed down at least for the moment on whatever licensing plans they may have ... but plan further action.

The Chessvibes link also contains the original letter from the (highly respected) Dutch Western European Zone president, who took the lead in organising the protest of many FIDE member federations to the presidential board's patently ill-thought-through plans about a month ago.

Watch this space! The words "major misunderstanding" hide a potentially huge FIDE presidential board v FIDE member licensing faultline.

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