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That rook v 3 pawns in round 4 was drawn , might analyse later in magazine.
Bobby's grave was nice and simple - no extravagance like you might get from some government official.
Today I am playing a 13 year old IM. Former world u-12 champ and ranked no 1 in world for U-14
I ended on 5.5/10 - made lots of mistakes in 2nd half of tournament.
Some of my opponents did well - the guy I beat was 1st = with 8/10 & the young 13 year-old is now a GM.
Was depressingly cloudy & rainy throughout and that eventually sapped my inspiration.
Work permitting I might play another tournament later in the year
Might seem a bit disappointed after the blistering start you made with those 2 GM scalps Andrew, but a tournament performance +60 against such a strong field is something to be proud of.
Well done!
At Bobby's grave :
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="!/andrew.muir.944/photos">!/andr ... 944/photos</a><!-- m -->
well done 8)
a friend has pointed out there seems to be a crack in the headstone
amuir Wrote:a friend has pointed out there seems to be a crack in the headstone

That's to symbolise the real crack in Bobby Fischer's head.
Daniel King has featured my game on youtube: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

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