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Dundee & Angus - final update
The following has been emailed to every entrant for whom I have an address:

This should be the final update before the congress and I hope that this will help you to enjoy the weekend.

A request to you: if, having entered, you can’t now play please let us know by Thursday so we can remove you from the draw – or some poor soul will sit waiting for someone who isn’t coming. Your consideration would be appreciated. Not least by the poor soul.

Unfortunate news – Chess Suppliers will be unable to come after all, so no bookstall.

Car drivers: On arrival, please park in the upper car park if possible (LHS after the barriers). Additional parking can be found at Dobbies, MacDonalds and Travel Inn.

Facilities: A weekend facilities pass is available for £10 from reception (ask for the chess event guest pass) and lasts from your arrival until Sunday evening. Thank you to everyone who replied to my email regarding this. Facilities include indoor & outdoor (heated) pools, sauna/jacuzzi/steam room, tennis & badminton, fully equipped fitness suite. The pass is also available to non-playing partners, family, etc. If you intend playing tennis or badminton please check with reception early for available court times – they can get busy.

A breakfast option of a sausage or bacon roll (£3.90), egg on toast (£3.75) or granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit (£3.50). This will be served to order from the bar. Tea & coffee will be available at the playing area. In order to help planning could I ask you also to let me know if you are likely to order any of this – don’t bother replying if you won’t. Thank you.
A lunch menu of a choice of 2 hot mains and sides for £5.50 but other options are available from the venue's standard menu. Service can sometimes be a little slow, particularly at busy times. Lunchtime for example. Please be aware that the venue will not allow food purchased elsewhere to be eaten here. It’s also perhaps worth knowing that our hire fees are suppressed in anticipation of food and drink sales so eating here keeps our costs down.

Coaching: During Saturday lunchtime a coaching session by Graham Mooney for the younger juniors is planned (approx 1:15 to 2:15-ish). Graham can’t be here on Sunday so if anyone wants to offer their time to repeat the exercise or similar please let me know. A note for the junior players - perhaps via parents? - if you are interested in this and you have a game worthy of group analysis (not necessarily from this event) please bring the scoresheet, though if there is a high demand we might not be able to look at every game. Any donated game will, with your agreement, be included in the set of games for the congress.

WiFi: Free use within the venue. Ask reception for username and password

Weather: It could be worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast. On warm/sunny days the playing area can get rather warm and there is no air conditioning other than opening balcony doors, so light clothing could be more comfortable.

And finally for anyone desperate to know who they will be playing Saturday morning and Sunday morning, the 2nd and 4th round draws will be posted to our website Friday night and Saturday evening.

Keith Rose
Hold on a minute! KC and the sunshine band live at Dundee! How in earth did the Loch Lomond swimmer pockle, oops... fiddle, oops....massage his grade below 1600? He'll never get that swag bag all the way back to Bellshill wearing that stripey green and white shirt.

I suppose someone knows what you're talking about. But anyway Robin - who shook the junior tree? Hunners have fallen out. We have 17 7-12 year olds - that's about as many as the last three years combined. Where have they all come from?

It's that shark Kevin that has sneaked into the U1600 section.

I am really pleased with the amount of juniors entered. I can't be certain of all the reasons but...

1/ A lot of these active junior players are based in Aberdeen, Dundee, east coast locations so Dundee is a good opportunity for them.
2/ A large proportion of them have an online coach, many of them playing in their first adult event or so with encouragement from their coach.

If these children keep playing and entering adult congresses that will be great.

A word of warning for adults! There are a couple of mega dangerous massively underrated junior players in the bottom section.
You don't say.
He He thought you would like that one Andy.

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