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new FIDE rated tournaments in Edinburgh
The late Walter Munn was a prolific organiser of tournaments at Giffnock Chess Club, a ten-minute walk from my home in the 1970s, and helped to instill in me the passion to still play chess some 40 years later.

On a tuesday night I could play in the Giffnock Club Championship ( 7 rounds) . On thursday nights I could play in the Renfrewshire County (5 rounds - february to march) and the Renfrewshire Open (10 rounds - april to june)

There seems to be a demand for FIDE rated tournaments in Edinburgh. The big clubs could organise this amongst themselves e.g. make the Edinburgh Club championship FIDE rated or organise a FIDE-rated Edinburgh Individual Championship - 10 round swiss - april to june - midweek evening - with a different club hosting each year.

This could then lead to new junior players coming through and a stronger Olympiad team in the future.

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