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Euro Seniors individual, Kaunas
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Event started. See live games daily at link above (click "results"). Two Scots entered - Phil Giulian, Ian Marks. Rd 4 today. Good luck!
results please? Big Grin
Here's a link -

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Phil won his first two rounds but suffered defeats in rounds 3 and 4.

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Ian also has two points but travelled a slightly different road.

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A good couple of days with Phil scoring 2/2 to reach 4.5/7 and Ian getting 1.5/2 to reach 3.5/7. Keep up the good work!
Phil is playing on the live boards this morning against a Slovenian IM. Position fairly level after 15 moves.
A strong finish, with both of our representatives winning in the last round.

Joint Scottish Senior Champion Phil Giulian beat an IM in the last round to finish on 6/9 (=10th) with a tournament performance rating of 2271 (from a starting rank of 22nd).

Ian Marks also won to finish on 4.5/9 (=49th) and a tournament performance rating of 2065 (from a starting rank of 68th) and after a similarly strong showing in the Scottish his FIDE rating is set to climb.

103 players from all over Europe, including many GMs, IMs and FMs, competed.

Well done to both!
Well dones to both echoed!

Alastair modestly omits to say that he had the new Euro seniors champion N Pushkov on the rack last year at the Euro seniors teams in Greece. Scots aren't too bad at the seniors game, you know!

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