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AGM Motion 5
I knew there was a reason why I should never have 'agreed' with Andy M. in the first place! Where to start? Well, here perhaps....

Quote:Being the Scottish champion is about beating other Scots. It is racist I suppose...

It is not 'racist'. If anything it is 'nationalistic' (a different entity altogether) but I refuse to hitch my wagon to anyone whose sentiments cross a certain line. Having fought against racism and the extreme BNP/EDL/SDL type of nationalism all my life, I don't want to be associated with anything or anyone whose purpose is not clearly against this.

I understand Craig P.'s view that we may be ahead of many countries with the inclusivity of our current eligibiltiy criteria and that he thinks this is a good thing - perhaps it is although I'm not convinced this outweighs other arguments. I also have a lot of time for Alan T's idea that certain individuals (Jacob is the prime example) should be allowed to compete for the title because of the services they have given to chess in Scotland. I imagine it would be very hard to qualify this in the rules/constitution/whatever.

As I stated previously however, I believe that as long as we have 'national' championships we should restrict the 'winner' of this to those who want or are able to represent Scotland on an international level. Everyone else (not SCO) can play (in the current setup) and others could be invited hors conceurs (should we return to an APA or small swiss). The Scottish champion should be given an automatic spot in the Olympic team and as far as I am aware this would require SCO affiliation with FIDE (if that's the correct phrase?!).

If the majority don't agree then that's fine - the discussion here has raised many important points and views (and some rather nit-picky but probably valid nonetheless!)

Andy M bringing the SNP into this argument is quite ridiculous and I think Derek Howie's point about politics/directors/motions etc is very important here.

Andy Burnett
Quote:it's also wrong for CS directors to be promoting their own political views by trying to infer that there is a connection between a CS policy and a political party.

not only is it wrong in my opinion it is a resignable issue.
Good news everyone - it's my nephews' birthday party tomorrow so my family want me to go to that rather than the AGM. I send my apologies for not going.
Therefore you don't need to listen to me and you can talk about me behind my back.
Please let me know if my motion is well received and what the consensus is - an informal show of hands if it is deemed incompetent - will let me know for the future
I am happy to continue as ID and will be cheering on the Olympiad Squads soon
I thought that Andy M might have realised earlier in this thread that choice of words is important. I dont think many will be that interested in supporting something which the lead protagonist indicates is motivated by "racist" intent.

The issue is of interest on logic grounds.

Craig has been asking regularly about what is the policy of other countries on this issue. Well back to that Quality Chess blog and we find out from Jacob himself that the Danish Chess Union required him to change back from SCO to DEN before he was allowed to play.

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"Various things made it so that I ended up playing for Denmark again. The main reason was that the 2010 Danish Championship was played where I come from and I wanted to play and be around a lot of my old friends, not that my ambitions were dying out. I am not especially eager to play for Denmark, would just as well play for Scotland, but I had to change federation to play the Danish Championship."


Not sure if everyone recalls that the regulations on eligibility were changed after Andrew Greet won in 2010. It is now a requirement that any player eligible on residency grounds only ie a non Scot, must also be a CS member. Bizarrely this was not a previous requirement - it is now.

This actually meant that during the recent championship non-member but former winner Greet would not have been eligible to win but CS life member and Danish internationalist Aagaard would and did.

Maybe a whole raft of anomolies need some logic applied.
I wish to clarify that I am a nationalist not a racist.
I support the SNP not the BNP - hope that is clear

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