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Goals for the new season!
My goals for this season: get over 1900, win the EK club championship.
For the team, get EK promoted to Division 1 of the SNCL, and keep them in Div 1 of the Glasgow league.

So how did I do against last years goals?
My aims last year were:
to win the EK club championship (fail),
get over 1900 (fail),
play in the Scottish championship (tick),
have a serious effort at the u-1900 grand prix (tick - 3rd place).
But I achieved some things I didn't expect - 2 shares of first place in stars-barred events, and winning a Poly quickplay.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
My main goal this season is to learn to play chess and raise my playing standard to at least mediocre.

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