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Goals for the new season!
So What would William Wallace be doing if he was alive today?

Would he be glorifying some old documents or would he be investing in the youngsters?
Would he be spending £13 million on the Bannockburn Centre?
I reckon he'd be taking it to the enemies of all the people be they Scottish, English, Welsh or whatever nationality. The forces of International Capitalism where the average joe gets done over by Mr big the international banking system every day of every month of every year.

Please use your imagination. Just what would he be shouting about 'Freedom' from today?
Quote: To ensure that either parliament UK or Scottish fund the participation of our next crop of 20 junior Internationalists at the next Glorney/Faber/Robinson and Stokes events.

best post this year. How can we lobby our MP's ?

It's nice to know you believe our junior internationals should be adequately funded.
It should really be a no brainer for any Government who says they wish to support excellence.
We have after all a 'Curriculum for excellence'

Clearly we havn't got to that point though so that's what needs to change. Going from very little support to adequate support to ensure that a talented player from any background can play for their country.

I will be laying it straight in front of my MP and MSP. I will aim to do this in August. If I get the usual stuff, polite pointing elsewhere to apply for funding, I will demand that they do the process for me. If they state that the process is likely to be unsuccessful I will be demanding that they start campaigning to change this. It would be helpful to know that the full might of Chess Scotland and Chess players are behind this.

It's about fairness. Some families are borrowing substantially to support their children's talent. If we want young Scots to be winners then they require the backing of the country not disinterest or piecemeal support.
Chess Scotland are the hosts of these events next year and we should target full funding for this event and World Youth and Euroyouth Event. It's ridiculous that Scotland is only represented on these International stages because the parents pay for it. I guess the politicians don't care if Scotland are represented or not?
Anyone wishing to lobby their MP by going to one of their constituency surgeries should be unembarassed to say it as it is and make it clear that some young talented Chess Players are forced out of the game because of lack of funding.
Isn't this the idea of the government grant Angus? I'd imagine it would be a better idea to campaign for an increase in the grant rather than financial assistance for particular events/individuals.

1st point. I am clearly talking about support for the junior squad. Not individuals!
Ofcourse a squad is made up of individuals but there would be no desire to seek special funding
for specific individuals. Why do you make the point?

2nd point. Perhaps you can tell the Chess Scotland membership about the Government Grant so we all know how much Chess Scotland receive. What is the purpose of the Grant and how is it issued to Chess Scotland.

This would be very helpful as I wish to put the facts up front when I lobby my MP and MSP.

I will highlight the case of 1 individual I know about to emphasise the point of how the UK and Scottish Government are failing to give adequate support to talented Scottish Youngsters. This will be done for the benefit of the whole and not for the benefit of that individual.


Morning Angus

Sitting on a bus heading into work, I don't have the exact figure to hand but I recall it being about the 10k mark. Mac would be your best bet for that info. I believe it has remained fixed for quite a number of years and the Education dept were not that bothered when we met with them earlier in the year. Thankfully we have a friendly msp who is working with us.

Rough breakdown of budget is about 1/3 juniors 1/3 adults 1/3 running costs. This is rough approximations

Hope this is of use
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Mac McKenzie, CS Treasurer, supplied info for a post about the government grant <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> in September 2011

In the early days it did actually fund individual travel to events.

"Originally any grants received were to assist with the cost of players taking part in international events and application had to be made for each event with the amounts ranging from £40 to just over £1000. That was 35 years ago in 1976."
Thanks for the link Dougie.

So the Grant is provided by:
The Scottish Government, Children, Young People and Social Care Directorate Positive Futures Division
through the Unified Voluntary Sector Fund

Bit of a mouthful that - its good to see bureacracy is alive and well. It sounds a lot like a quango... :U
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Thanks to Andy and Dougie for the information.

Is it perhaps significant that Wales are making a breakthrough?

Their 'junior' selection page says they are generously funded by The Welsh Assembly.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... pdate-2012</a><!-- m --> In a box at right hand side of page. It's a no brainer that our youngsters will do better if they are properly funded.

Our youngsters are good enough not to be left behind but it's not right if they are being left behind on the
aspect of funding.
Angus McDonald Wrote:1st point. I am clearly talking about support for the junior squad. Not individuals!
Ofcourse a squad is made up of individuals but there would be no desire to seek special funding
for specific individuals. Why do you make the point?

Apologies, misread what you stated. Think others have answered your second point.

I am in agreement with you that more funds would be very helpful, and it's good that you are taking the initiative to try to acquire extra. Good luck with it.

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