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Scottish Prizewinners
Please can you check your results at and warn me of any mistakes.

Scottish Championships
1st= GM Nikolov Momchil, GM Vitaly Teterev, GM Jacob Aagaard, IM Jonathan Hawkins, IM Bragi Thorfinsson 7/9

Scottish Champion GM Jacob Aagaard 7/9

Scottish Senior Champions IM Roddy McKay, FM Philip Giulian 5.5/9

Junior Boy, Andrew McClement 5.5/9

Junior Girl Ali Roy, 4/9

U2400 Grading Jasmin Bejtovic, Michael De Verdier, IM Douglas Bryson, FM Alan Tate 6/9

U2200 Grading Daniel Lindner, Andrew McClement 5.5/9

U2050 Grading Douglas McKerracher, Nokkvi Sverrisson 5/9

U1950 Grading Douglas Will, Ian Marks 5/9

U1800 Grading Jon T Hardasson 4.5/9

Giant Killer Conor O'Donnell

Best Game FM Donald Holmes

Player of the Year Calum MacQueen

U1750 / Senior

1st= George Murphy, William Clinton 5/7

U1750 Boy Carl Milton 4/7


1st David Potts, 5/7

2nd = David Congalton, Joseph Weir, Bernard Cassidy, Iain Hope 4.5/7

U1450 Girl Anna Milton 2.5/7

Weekend Open

1st Alex Gillies 4/5

2nd= John Briggs, Jonathan Wells 3.5/5

Weekend Major

1st John Smith 4.5/5

2nd= Norman Lindsay, Keith Aitchieson, Joshua Higgs 4/5

U1475 Grading Ian Morris 3.5/5

Weekend Minor

1st Stuart Wynne, 4.5/5

2nd = David Watson, Liam Richmond, Leszek Rewak
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

Regarding the giant killer prize, Conor O'Donnell has a Fide published grade of 1939 and an Irish published grade of 1946. Andrew McCusker has a Scottish published grade of 1217. Conor had a great result beating Keti, but Andrew has beaten three opponents with a bigger grade difference than Conor's result,

The FIDE grades were 'brand new'. It would be unfair to compare such with a grade over a year old so only FIDE ratings were used in calculating the Giant Killer. If we try to compare like with like and take Andrew's current Scottish grade it is over 300 points higher than his published one and means that his albeit worthy performances are not quite so significant.

He did have the opportunity of winning the rating prize under his old grade but it seemed unfair to give him two bites at the cherry so to speak.

Donald and i discussed this several rounds ago. I should have probably made the decision more public.

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