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Stewarton Allegro
A big thank you to John and the team for what proved to be another great Stewarton Allegro.

It really is brilliant the allegro is able to be held in conjunction with the Bonnet Guild, a bit of history with the future.

A big thank you must go out to all the volunteers who help out on the day, arbiters and kitchen staff who do a fantastic job feeding the chess playing hoards. £1.40 for a toastie and can of juice, virtually giving it away!

Not to mention the fact that many prizes were given out, including the ever popular family prizes. Such was the generoisty of prizes 2.5 was enough to gain a grading prize in the major for the under 1550 lol

Anyone that has never attended before I strongly recommend that you give it a go next year, ideal for the end of the season.

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