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Scottish Chess & Secrets
Ladies and gentleman,

I am very interested in what goes on in Scottish Chess and how all of our players get on in events both at home and abroad.

I know many of you are a humble, shy bunch and not one's for publicising your achievements. Many of you might be concerned that you may enter a tournament and then not preform to expectations. Then when you excel don't want to seem as if you're boasting.

However, I appeal to you all. Make my life easier and let us all know what's planned or going on. How can we expect Scottish Chess to become more popular when half the time current players have to search far and wide or rely on chance to discover Scots are taking part in events. It's down to participants and organisers.

I give you some examples -

How many knew Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant was playing in the Women's world blitz and rapidplay this week? I have belatedly found out and have just joined the live action in round 8 of the first event.

How many knew Colin McNab was taking part in the British Problem Solving Championships earlier this season, let alone won it? There's a piece on the ECF website about the next one. I'd like to see our problem solvers who are taking part, given some CS webspace.

British Universities winners - Again another big secret prior to the event.

The quality of the Scottish Championship field - 9 GM's and counting and a host of other titled players. Along with the Scottish Blitz will this be a record year for GM participation in Scottish events?

So, some things I have come across in the past couple of days that I think organisers and players should be letting us know about on the front page of CS under news or on the forum, instead of hiding it away like treasure.

1. Keith Arkell simul in Aberdeen - see the calendar! This is big news!
2. Scottish participation in the London Diamond Jubilee event - 2nd to 6th June -


Ranking after round 1 - Players by fed SCO

Rank Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We 1
8 McDonald, Ian Scotland 0.5 SCO M 1840 0 +0.00 =
25 FM Berry, Neil Scotland 0.0 SCO M 2308 0 +0.00
32 Sreeves, Clement Scotland 0.0 SCO M 2209 0 +0.00


Rank Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We 1
1 Lees, Fraser Barclays 1.0 SCO M 0 * 0 0 +
8 McDonald, Maryann Scotland 0.5 SCO M 1548 0 +0.00 =
26 Campbell, Eoin S Scotland 0.0 SCO M 1867 0 +0.00
40 Rough, Robert E Scotland 0.0 SCO M 1738 0 +0.00


Ranking after round 1 - Players by fed SCO

Rank Name Flags Score Fed. M/F Rating TPR W-We 1
5 McDonald, Angus 0.5 SCO M 0 * 0 0 =

3. GM Paul Motwani will be visiting Ayrshire next May. More details will follow after the Scottish Championships take place.

Anybody else got any chess secrets they want to share?
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I am playing inthe 14th Braille Olympiad in Chennai India from the 9th till the 20th August. There will be live game but dont have the details as yet
The website for the 14th IBCA Chess Olympiad 2012 taking place in Chennai, India is

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There's also some reports on the the 11th Individual World Chess Championship for the blind 2006 held in Goa, which Steve took part in, playing the first two rounds under the flag of St George before switching to being Scottish, according to the results. Big Grin

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> is the home page of the International Braille Chess Association (IBCA).
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In braillechess, it is a UK membership of the IBCA. I pointed that for FIDE rating purposes, I am Scottish born in Greenock to a Scottish mother and English father.
I shared a coach with the English representative Chris Ross. I recall I played 2 Russian opponents one at 2318 and the other 2246 and drew both when I could have won both!! Big Grin

A word of warning though, there will be something like a 4.5/5 hour time difference between here and Chennai.

I will also be attending the IBCA congress in my capacity as Secretary General of the IBCA.

Would love to see a bid from CS for an IBCA tournament Big Grin

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