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No space on scoresheet
2 players are playing a game of chess at a Fide competition with an incremental time control. Move 60 is reached and passed, but no new scoresheets are provided. What to do? :-)
Get another one? =) ... or is that too simple for a Fide event? :U
Both players down to minutes. I just stopped recording the moves (a rule break), did not want to stop the clock.
You could continue recording on the back of the top copy of the scoresheet, and try to attract the attention of a passing arbiter or (perhaps more likely outside Scotland) a reliable spectator who could go and get new scoresheets.

Stopping recording is a bit risky if your opponent finds a way to keep recording.
is it not a rule that you can stop the clock in order to consult with the arbiter and would that not include getting score sheets?
I don't know. Jacob once told me that stopping the clock means you resign!!
You may always stop your clock to summon an arbiter, including asking for more scoresheets.

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