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European tournaments
Are Scotland sending teams abroad ?
European Senior Team Chess Championships 2021
--- 29th August – 8th September

Prague, Czech Republic

European Senior Chess Championships 2021
--- 25th September – 5th October
Budoni (Sardegna), Italy

European Senior Chess Championship 2021 – Official regulations (
European Team Chess Championship and European Women’s Team Chess Championship 2021
--- 11th-22nd November
Terme Olimia, Slovenia

EUROPEAN TEAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 – Official Regulations (
Hi Andy,

I will post formal call for players for these events in the coming days.

1. The Regulations for the Euro Seniors Team are not yet available
2. Czech Republic is current on the Government AMBER list

Amber list of countries and areas
   Czech Republic (Czechia)
If a country is not on this list, you should not assume that it is a green or red list country. Countries are only green or red if they appear on the green or red list.
You should think carefully before booking travel to a country or area on the amber list for holidays or for any other leisure purpose. Travelling abroad carries a risk of bringing new cases and variants of COVID-19 into Scotland.

Until that changes I this is action would be inadvisable for Scotland to support the Euro Senior Team event

The September and November dates may be work realistic/workable, but again I would be recommended until Green is achieved. We will constantly monitor the situation.

For the European Team Chess Championship and European Women’s Team Chess Championship 2021 --- 11th-22nd November - Terme Olimia, Slovenia
There is no reason not to select teams but hold entries until we have clear guidelines.

Hope this helps

PS : I am now temporarily doubling up as International Director - as least until an AGM is held.

The Regulations are now available for the European Senior Chess Team Championships and I have publish the link on the main News Page

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