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Scottish Chess Blitz Championship
amuir Wrote:dont fancy putting my FIDE rating on the line at blitz - could easily chuck 50 points over 11 games

Despite Alex's clarification that this will not happen - isn't it such a sad situation to get to? A top player doesn't want to play because the number next to their name might reduce a little if they do?
I have to say I agree with Andrew's point above to an extent - of course with the tournament being blitz it's slightly different.

We now have 4 GMs and 3 IMs on the entry list of 35 players so far. Big Grin
the miracle has happenned, Mr Moore has/is paid out money for scottish juniors (£250). given Robin's notorious tightness this feat of generosity is in the same league as a certain Glasgow player smiling and a certain ayrshire player refusing drink..... i.e it just never happens. :U :U :U
Sabino Brunello (Italy's No.2 behind Caruana) has entered the Scottish Blitz - taking us to 6 GMs so far.
Re- bookies offering odds
It is my understanding that players playing in the tournament will not be able to place a bet on anyone winning other than themselves. As far as bookmakers (and the law) are concerned, it would be a nonsense to bet on someone else to win, when they could be one of your opponents.
Streetfighting Chess, run by Andy Burnett, has generously sponsored the Scottish Blitz. =) <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.streetfightingchess.com/">http://www.streetfightingchess.com/</a><!-- m --> have donated the prizes of: 2 x £50 for the first two non-titled players to beat a titled player (should make things very interesting), and 3 Streetfighting Chess books going to the top Junior, and the top player in the two categories already denoted for grading prizes.

Andy has informed me that he will be moving forward with Streetfighting Chess next month and hopes to offer various other services including chess coaching as well as his published book.
Some great prizes from Andy for everyone! This event is building into a truly fantastic day out for all concerned and the quality of the players taking part is incredible. If you haven't entered this event yet but are considering it, I would get in now when you still have a chance of a place. How many times are you going to get an opportunity in Scotland to be in the same section as half a dozen or so GM's?

Who is the Ayrshire player refusing Drink? !! That would be the end of civilisation as we know it Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Quote:How many times are you going to get an opportunity in Scotland to be in the same section as half a dozen or so GM's?

Hopefully many more in future, we just need to get Jonny to organise everything!
Big Grin

as i said Steve, it just doesn't happen, it may be easier guessing who the Glasgow player is Mr Sad

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