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Online Chess
Hi Guys
In order to relieve the boredom (i've also finished my garden) I've spent the last few weeks getting the highs and lows about online chess using playchess, Chess.com and Lichess. I think i've got the hang of using these sites for users, club and leagues. If you or your club wish to have an online presence and need a bit of help and advice, then please let me know and I will advise. More and more clubs have registered and they are now at the point of playing other clubs online and/or they want to join an established chess league. Also individuals wish to play online and want to get a bit organised. If you need any help, please contact me and I can help and/or help you contact a club. I've also heard criticism and concerns about games being available to other players but i'm afraid that's the nature of online chess. 

The chess engines are very good for improvement and the anti-cheating engines on Chess.com and Lichess to me are very good but that wont stop players trying their luck. I've been looking into this well outside the remit of Chess Scotland and is separate from Andy Howie's work on this. Nevertheless I think its the way to go even for fun chess and also for improving your game.

On both Lichess (good for team battle chess) and especially on chess.com (my own favourite at the moment) I have created clubs for anyone to join. On Chess.com I have created the Lanarkshire Chess League - invitational where there will be weekly tournaments for anyone to join. Chess.com have teams for Lanark, Hamilton, East Kilbride, Salsburgh, Pentland Hills, Stepps, Wandering Dragons and many others who are forming (I believe Bellshill is at the moment about to form one) At the moment even users with a free chess.com account can create clubs but this may change in a couple of months.

Harry Marron, the Junior Home Director is the man for local chess for juniors. If you contact him, he will help you out with loads of options , including chesskids.com and chess for schools already mentioned by Alex McFarlane. I psersonally believe Over The Board chess will resume later this year albeit in a different format with social distancing. Online chess will never be a replacement for OTB chess but possibly a welcome addition.

As mentioned above if anyone has any questions or needs any help, then please let me know

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