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Chess in Schools Initiative
From Chris Fegan

I am delighted to announce that CSC has now formally launched its #chessathome offering for schools, children and parents following the Easter break.

This offering is designed to support schools, children and parents during the Covid-19 lockdown and the ambition is to teach chess to 1 million children. The centrepiece of the offering will be 1 million FREE Gold ChessKid accounts, valid to July 20, 2020

I would stress that this offer is not limited to CSC schools but is available to all UK primary schools, individual parents, libraries and chess clubs.

Further details can be found on the CSC Website using the following link
Hi Alex
I take it i can send this link to all the school headteachers and everyone else I know. Maybe Harry Marron would also like to get involved as well.
Why not?
The target is 1m!

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