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Announcement regarding CS Tournaments Richardson Spens and Scottish Championships
Hi All
Richardson/ Spens Tournaments
In view of recent developments  and in answer to several queries, I have decided to allow postponements of any fixture of the Richardson and Spens cups should any team wish it. This will possibly direct affect FIDE grading processes ( and possible board orders ) if the postponed fixture is played after March but I will advising on that by the grading officer.
In Summary the following changes should be observed:
1.      If any team wishes to postpone their fixture then that request will be accepted.
2.      If any match is postponed, then that will have a knock on effect on the date of the finals day In April
3.      Each team should provide a portable hand sanitiser in the meantime. Chess Scotland is looking into a longer term strategy for future rounds.
4.      All teams should work constructively with each other regarding the current issues.
5.      Boards should be placed as far apart as possible (more information about that later on)
6.       I will also temporarily allow an increase in numbers for the player registration form, within reason subject to my approval.
7.      Shaking of hands , before , during and after isn’t required and shouldn’t take place.
8.      Venues must have cleaning and general toilet facilities.

Scottish Championships
At the moment this tournament will go ahead. However this may change nearer the time and all individuals will be advised accordingly. Chess Scotland will endeavour to provide any additional requirements. It is recommended that all attendees provide refillable water bottles and Chess Scotland will have water jugs on hand

Team Lightning Tournament
Please note: This event, normally held after the SNCL round 7, is cancelled for this year.
All announcements including this one will be placed on the forum and as of next week I will update the website of further developments. Any queries can be directly addressed to myself
Why is it deemed "safe" to play Glasgow League, SNCL, Edinburgh Congress when it is deemed "unsafe" to play Richardson , Lightning ? Are there not the same risks e.g. germs on the chess pieces which if you then touch your face would then infect you?
It says nothing about events being safe or unsafe. Chess Scotland can only control and take decisions on the events they organise. I suggest you contact the organisers of the Glasgow League, SNCL and Edinburgh congress for their views. Chess Scotland has no direct influence on events not organised by them though advice is always available.

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