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Team Lightning Championship 2020 and SNCL
As I couldn't see a listing or entry form on "Events", thought I'd ask "Is it planned for the Team Lightning Championship to be held this year?" 

In recent times it was played in the afternoon with round 7 of the SNCL held in the morning. So my follow-up question is "If the Team Lightning is not taking place on the same day as the SNCL, is round 7 of the SNCL a morning or afternoon round on Sunday 29 March 2020?"

The Team lightning will be taking place as before on the afternoon of the final round of the SNCL on March the 29th.
Many thanks John, I’ll keep a look out for an entry form appearing on the events calendar.
The Team Lighning tournament has been cancelled for this year, Please address any enquiries to myself I have also posted a new thread on this topic

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