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Nancy Elder 2019
Hi All
I am taking entries for this's Nancy Elder tournament 2019 . Please either contact myself or post on the forum. I know its a bit late this year so i'll take entries up to Feb 21 2019
Here is the draw

  Home ( Black)                          Away (White)
Steve Hilton             v             Thor Saemundson
Gerry Brown             v             Chris Hampton
Alan Buchan             v             Jim Oneil
Snorri Kristjansson    v             Calum McGillivray
Chris Donkin             v             lan Armstrong
Michael Jessing         v             Peter Sallai
Alistair McNaughton  v              John Lynch
Martin Keen              v              A Keith Aitchison
Results and quarter final draw First named player is Black and at home. . I would like games completed by Friday 10th May at the latest

Nancy Elder 2019 draw
Home ( Black)                  Away (White)                        Result
Steve Hilton             v Thor Saemundson                          1-0
Gerry Brown              v Chris Hampton                            1-0
Alan Buchan              v Jim Oneil                                0-1
Snorri Kristjansson      v Calum McGillivray Calum wins by default  l-W
Chris Donkin             v Alan Armstrong                           1-0
Michael Jessing          v Peter Sallai                             1-0
Alistair McNaughton      v John Lynch                               1-0
Martin Keen              v A Keith Aitchison                        0-1

Quarter- Final
Home (Black)              Away (White)
Steve Hilton      v        Gerry Brown
Jim ONeill         v        Calum Mcgillivray
Micharl Jessing  v        Chris Donkin
Keith Aitchison  v        Alistair McNaughton
Quarter- Final
Steve Hilton        v Gerry Brown
Jim ONeill          v Calum McGillivray    0-1
Michael Jessing  v Chris Donkin           1/2 -1/2 Chris won on tie-break
Keith Aitchison  v Alistair McNaughton  0-1

Allegro decider (graded)
Chris Donkin           v Michael Jessing      1-0

Semi Final Draw
Calum McGillivray v Steve Hilton or Gerry Brown
Chris Donkin           v  Alistair McNaughton

Semi Final Draw
Calum McGillivray v Steve Hilton               1/2 - 1/2 then 0-1 on second game (both standard time controls)
Chris Donkin           v Alistair McNaughton 0 -1

Alistair McNaughton v Steve Hilton
Congratulations to Alistair McNaughton for winning the Nancy Elder tournament this year. Stevie Hilton was the runnerup. The first game was a draw with honours even. The replay was a rapidplay game in which Alistair took the honours

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