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East of Scotland – No longer a standalone tournie?
Some good ideas in there David, but personally i would like to see both East and West events hosted together at one central venue on the same dates. I reckon Perth, Stirling or Grangemouth could be ideal locations
I think there is a problem of geography here, the East should be played in the East and the West in the West. Bearing in mind that players from the west wishing to play in it may not want to go to Perth (north), Stirling (central) or Grangemouth (east - ish). There are times where it is appropriate to be parochial and this is one of them.
The titles of East and West of Scotland Champion are quite prestigious imo, so I like David's ideas on trying to make these events something a bit more special then a normal congress. It is always nice to see new/different events cropping up so I would love to see it happen.

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