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Malawi Charity tournament at Prestwick
I would like to thank everyone that came along and participated in the Malawi Charity event today. It was a great success and I am delighted that with the kind generosity we have raised £780. This is fantastic and will help a lot of people and is much appreciated.

Thank you to John McNichol, David Congalton and Stephen Taylor for all the hard work in running the various sections. I would also like to thank all the volunteers that ran the canteen providing a wide range of refreshments.

The following is a list of the prize winners.
Malawi Open
1st IM Andrew Greet 4.5/5
2nd FM Philip Gillian 4
Major / Minor
1St Callum McGillivray 4.5/5
2nd David Deary 4
3rd =Charles Todd 3.5
3rd= Siegrun MacGilchrist
3rd= Iain Hope
3rd= Bernard Cassidy
Junior A
1st Ewan Anderson Greenwood
2nd= Lewis Heron Prestwick
2nd= Ewan Robinson Prestwick
Malawi Junior B
1st = Leo Cairns Kilmarnock
1st = Naeve Heron Prestwick

Thank you again and I look forward to running next year’s event.
Iain Fraser

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