Poll: Do you think posters should be identifiable by their username?
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Andrew said:
Quote:The vote seems to imply that the vast majority agree with this approach.
Vast? Last tine I looked only 24 people had actually cast a vote. Of which the majority were indeed in agreement, but 'vast'? Especially given the paltry number of voters.

Not sure yet what the argument actually is for requiring a. the use of one's own name/initials and b. the format. It seems to be down to one persons preference - nothing wrong with having a preference but why force it on everyone else?
George: Everyone is going to be treated equally on this one. Nobody will be forced to do anything that others are not also forced to do. If it turns out that most agree with the initials being acceptable, then I am happy to go along with that (who am I to deny anyone that - it's not my decision?), and I've already facilitated people to change their username via the control panel. So if the vote does go that way, then feel free to change your username. Big Grin

I also think you should buy a membership. The forum is a very small part of Chess Scotland as a whole; and we have been working hard over the past year to introduce new features that hopefully people find useful and enjoy. Nothing is perfect, and there is still a ton to do; but we are working tirelessly on it, fitting things in around our other commitments and whatnot. =)
This topic had me at odds with myself.

As someone who gave up posting when alias usernames were banned I support the right of those people wanting to post under the username of their choice. However it has always seemed unfair to me that some posters were able to continue to post with usernames that did not indicate who they were as this was the reason given for getting rid of aliases.

I ended up voting no, and who knows, maybe one day common sense will prevail and we can bring some colour back to the noticeboard, maybe even of the curried hamster variety.

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