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Appearance fees for our best players

Chess Scotland does need to improve its image (though the same can be said for almost every national body. I won't dispute that.

However, the accounts do not accurately reflect where the 'money' is actually spent. Much of the work is done by volunteers. Chess Scotland would actually benefit in terms of image if every volunteer filled in a notional amount for their time.

Chess Scotland trains arbiters for example. If even only Donald, Andy and myself submitted figures based on the minimum wage for arbiting national events then you would see a figure of approximately £2000 for that alone going through the accounts.

When talking about how money is spent then allowance should be made for 'donations' such as this.

If you add in all the time spent by volunteers on CS business you would probably then get a complaint about the amount spent on admin Big Grin . But trying to be serious, you would get a better idea on how the CS resources were actually being spent and how much the true cost of running the organisation is.
There are also many 'invisible' services provided - booking travel, giving advice to tournaments and clubs, keeping the calendar up to date, maintaining membership records,organising PVG (CRB) clearance, etc, etc. to name but a few.

It might be interesting if such a set of accounts was indeed drawn up. If nothing else it would show more accurately just how much CS does.

Let's go into the New Year with a positive frame of mind. Some churches suggest that you should give 10% of your wage as a donation. How about everybody giving 10% of the time they play chess to improving the chess opportunities of others?

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