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National FIDE rated rapidplay event
Alan Tate Wrote:It's easy to fit in 6 rounds in a day. For instance, most rapids in Scotland have long unnecessary breaks in between rounds which could be cut out. Regarding the time control, 15+10 is a bit blitzy in my opinion. 25+10 would be my preference (25+10 is the international standard), but if time does not allow, 20+10 is fine.

Just read this Alan I agree 15 minutes may be too quick Andy do you think 6 rounds is doable with 25 + 10 . I reckon with intervals and compiling the draw its a nine hour day not counting travel to and from the venue. Would 15 +10 be a better option on 6 rounds or 25 +10 on 5 rounds
Ian, depends on how long you have the venue for. If booked for starting at 10 and out by 6pm, there is no reason why we could not have 6 rounds of 25+10 with a lunch break. Use computer pairings, either Swiss Manager or Vega which are FIDE approved and you cut down the time between rounds
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Next 'big' one day London Rapidplay July 9 - in 5 sections, 6rounds, 25 mins + 5 seconds (hope above link works!!) - may be best/also work well in Scotland!?

I don't think you need 10 second increment if you already have 25 minutes on the clock for a Rapid Game.
15 minutes x 5 rounds is not much chess at all - I could get more blitz chess against stronger opposition on the internet. 25 mins + 10s, 5 or 6 rounds sounds fantastic (5 seconds is fine too). 11 rounds would be even more fun but more than twice as difficult to find the time for - it's a lot harder to give up both days of my weekend than one!
thanks guys
it looks like 25 minutes with 10 secs increments either 5 or 6 rounds on one venue on one day. Andy Howie and Alex MacFarlane have both given invaluable advice on how this can be accomplised. Whether it is 5 or 6 rounds will depend on how long i have the venue for. It will also probably be held on a Saturday for publictransport availability etc

Hamish if the venue is at somewhere like grangemouth, what is your preferred starting time for you guys from Aberdeen and do you have other suggestions like venues in Perth etc

what I havent asked yet is whether only CS members be allows to enter and what fee we should charge
Was going to say that Saturday is better than Sunday. Public transport often starts too late for round 1 on Sundays. For instance there is a rapid near Newcastle this Sunday but no possible transport to get there by 10 am!
heres what I plan to submit to the AGM
1. one venue , one day comprising of an Open and a major
2. I've been advised to remove the grading bar so no grading bar
3.The tournament to be called the CS National rapidplay tournament with the MacIsaac tropny (retained) to be awarded to the winner of the open A separate trophy for the winner of the Major to be sought
4. time control 24 mins with 10 second increments
5. five rounds to allow for travelling
6. Bothn the Open and the major to be FIDE rated.
7. If insufficient participants in the Open, then the major to be dropped.
8. Venue will either be at Perth or Grangemouth
9.If the open is a success , then it may be expanded to multiple dates in the future , with multiple venues
10. CS membership is not necessary to participate as it is not a club event merely a CS event
Good news! However, while any such event is absolutely welcome, I'd prefer 6 rounds to 5 (and, if need be, a speeding up of the games to fit 6 games in ... say to 20 minutes plus 5 seconds, if that makes it work).

With only 5 rounds, as organisers, such as Glasgow Polytechnic, who fit in 5 (15 minute) rapid rounds in an evening twice a year, will, I am sure be happy to discuss further, there are serious risks that a winner 'slips through' with just a little too much of the luck of the draw. 6 rounds minimises that problem just a little bit more; and after all this is not just a strong club rapid but a putative national championship.

Hope helps.
Craig is right about the number of rounds of course. 5 rounds is too random for many reasons. I just played a 'rapid' with 5 seconds increment though, and it really becomes shambolic.
First of all is 24+10 a typo?
Secondly, if you're worried about fitting it all in, let's say a worst case scenario of a 100 move game adds 33 minutes onto the total time. But the thing is that most rounds (if any) will not have 100 moves, and you make up time in the earlier rounds with a larger rating disparity. It means that you need some flexibility with the round times. Have a schedule and try to keep to it, but if there is an overlap you simply have the next round 10 minutes after the last game.
I'm far from an expert in organising tournaments of course. It would be good to hear from arbiters and organisers on this one.
thanks Guys for your comments
I have had good advice from Alex McFarlane and Andy Howie which influencing me on this. I have also taken on board to remove the grading bar from one of our most senior officials.

The reason for the five rounds is twofold
1. Travelling for some people to get to the venure ( also why it has to be a Saturday)
2. The overwhelming response to make it 25 minutes with an increment

I personally would prefer six rounds , but I would also like some sort of response in numbers of who would actually play. Worst play scenario would be that there wouldn't be enough for a sixth round

Anyway many thanks to all who commented. Please keep the comments coming!

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