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Domestic touraments survey
WBuchanan Wrote:If you’re hellbent on going down the FIDE route whether CS members like it or not, it would be nice if you would let us all know, rather than assure us of our ''general acceptance' for which there so far seems no evidence

We did!

Extract below from Management Board Minutes from February as posted (and they were posted within 1 month of the meeting).

Quote:c. McIsaac There was a general discussion on the appeal of the McIsaac and what would be needed to involve more players. It was decided by the Management Board that the format for this would change to FIDE Rated Rapid Play Tournament. The Rules and Arbiters Committee will rewrite the rules for the McIsaac, although a decision on the Rapid Play time control has yet to be determined. Ian Brownlee to advise on the time control.

and the link is: -

or the way to see meeting reports is via: - Home Page/Main Menu/CS Info
These Management Board meeting are also posted on the Calendar.

By the way: - I did a very quick check and there are currently less than 50 CS active players with FIDE Rapid ratings.
Thanks Jim. I did see that, but it was specific to the McIsaac - Ian seems to want to introduce FIDE ratings more generally, and claimed the vast majority supported it. It’s fair enough to question this kind of claim, especially when made in response to opposition.

Looks like there is support for both sides - when is someone going to do a poll...
How much (approx) will it cost CS to fide rate 'everything' as some would like to see? It can't be the best use of available finance? So few players play in most of the CS events as it is. Many and most of the events are on borrowed time and seemingly doomed.
The only difference is that the MacIsaac is being renamed and the MacIsaac Trophy is being presented to the winner. The "MacIsaac" event is the only one that will be designated as Chess Scotland Rapid Championship, or something along these lines.

Other Rapids will be based on the success of this one and may, or not, be FIDE Rated - my preference to yes by the way. There is a real interest in one day Rapid tournaments from players around the country.

Rapids, may well act as a spur getting fringe/club players interested in the standard weekend congresses

Similarly, there may well be interest in a 2 day Rapid event but that is a financially different matter altogether.
General Custer here reporting from the Little Big Horn
Thanks Adam and Andrew for your comments, much appreciated and believe me you are not alone with your sentiments

Let me put a few ghosts to rest...
1. I am only referring to one new tournament which is the National Rapid Play Championship which will be a new CS event. The winner will be the National Rapid Play Champion. What is still up for discussion is whether the recipient of the MacIsaac Trophy will be the winner or the highest placed Chess Scotland player (my own preference is the former). The tournament will be FIDE rated to coincide with the existence of the Richardson Cup and the Spens cup. The time control will be 25 minutes with a 10 second increment

2. The venue for the tournament this year will possibly be Grangemouth or Perth dependant on cost and will be for one day

3. Sources I used to gather opinion and information
a. FIDE website
b. CS Forum
C, Advice from senior arbiters and CS directors
d, Discussion at Management Committee meetings
e. Emails from interested parties
f. Personal discussions at league matches, SCNL and other events such as the national finals
g, My Crystal ball, although that has been letting me down as late

General Custer signing off, the Indians are circling but haven't pounced just yet ^Smile^
There was a vote at the 2014 CS AGM on whether the Rich/Spens should be FIDE rated. It went through 11-1 in favour. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

The AGM of the SNCL has a vote each year on FIDE rated status. The event has voted in favour for the last several seasons and has decided to expand it further by also rating Division 2 this season. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ountry=SCO</a><!-- m -->

Weekend events are independent of CS and may choose to have their events FIDE rated. CS will facilitate this by submitting the event - events cannot submit directly to FIDE, it must be done via the national organisation. CS will check that the event has met FIDE rating requirements in relation to arbiters, time control etc before event submission.

There is no additional cost to CS for FIDE rating w/e events or the SNCL other than the time taken to register, process, submit data, maintain the database and program such functions. Any event which chooses to FIDE rate will be billed a supplementary fee over and above their domestic rating fee which covers the extra cost to CS.
I have a lot of sympathy for Steve's point, and am very grateful to him for playing congresses - I have learnt more from playing him in tournaments than from any other opponent. He does not want to waste all the money he spends on foreign tournaments where the opposition is higher than here because the punishment for one bad game is not as serious.

That's fair enough (and then some) but I also want to point out my perspective. The only way I can get my Fide rating up is by spending lots of my money playing abroad because I can't get Fide rated games against the Scottish titled players. Hence me being midway through a month in the Czech Republic! I am not claiming my situation is more important than Steve's but is it a coincidence that so many people (e.g. Calum Macqueen, Adam Bremner, Andrew Green, list goes on forever if I could be bothered) get stuck at 2200 FIDE and only Clément and Andrew Burnett get FM in last few years? I also should mention that it is not just rating - the only way for me to get substantially better is to play significantly stronger players and other than Steve and Clément and a few others these guys don't play congresses.

I don't really understand George's point because, with only a few exceptions, the Scottish titled players never bothered showing up to all the non-Fide rated congresses in my time as a player before this year, and there has been little change with Fide rated at David congalton's events this year, possibly even increase in numbers of titled players.

I don't know what to conclude from this - I don't see my side as being more or less important than Steve's (we are less good but there are more of us...), but I felt it important both sides are heard and I am bored and on the train.

I don't understand why anyone would or even could care about FIDE rapid rating. Rate it or not, who cares it's allegro. Even if you take the games seriously why take the rating seriously - no one else is going to care what your rapid rating is whatsoever!
Ian – Thanks for clearing that up, though the discussion was also about FIDE-rating tournaments generally. Keep your hair on Smile, no need to sound so beleaguered, people are just picking up on your responses and you did claim the support of the vast majority of players, a claim so far unsubstantiated.

Douglas Bryson – thanks for this information. There was an AGM vote on the Richardson/Spens relatively elite tournaments -but with only twelve people, most of whom must have been management or office bearers...

Hamish – good post and good question, whether FIDE rapid ratings are actually wanted.

With the mixed feedback on FIDE rating CS tournaments generally (what was that about apathy), it must be time for one of these a P-O-L-L things....what about it, O Consultative Ones!? Smile

WBuchanan Wrote:Ian – Thanks for clearing that up, though the discussion was also about FIDE-rating tournaments generally. Keep your hair on , no need to sound so beleaguered, people are just picking up on your responses and you did claim the support of the vast majority of players, a claim so far unsubstantiated.

I have no need or desire to substantiate it. Walter I suggest you reread pages 1 and 2 on this thread whixh mentions Jim Webster's and Alan Tate#s comment which should clarify opinions about the tournament. This entire thread was initiated to fact find interest in CS tournaments and out of this, Man Comm meetings and general discussions outside the forums grew a general consensus of both having a rapid play tournament and for it to be FIDE rated;
I have mentioned apathy twice because a huge percentage of players asked actually stated that they had no opinion on the domestic tournaments and would play in them regardless. Most players also said they would play in a rapid play again regardless of conditions. However of the players who give a preference , the overriding majority gave a preference for FIDE rating.
Anyway again I would encourage everyone to go along to the AGM and give their opinion. As ever if anyone wants to phone or email me then please do so
Forum polls have problems.

Any poll here on the forum is a very limited in the sample size and may not reflect the wider population of members who do not log into or read the forum. I know some who only read the news pages and never consider the forum.

Responders from these forum polls are also open to all that register I think! Is there not then the potential for non CS members to vote?

I personally would be very reluctant to recommend and support any Scotland wide decision based on such a limited sample size.

Taking soundings and larger sample sizes would have merit, but how to do so?

We could mass email, but that also causes problems with permissions and spam filters. I'm not sure either that we have a mandate from the email account holders (CS members) to do that either.

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