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Blitz Events
Feedback received from the Friday Evening FIDE Blitz tournament – Edinburgh Friday 24 June 2016

For those of you who attended our Edinburgh Friday Evening Blitz event, you can read a summary of the feedback we received below:-

The Entry Process
The majority of respondents entered on-line and found the process easy to follow, including comments such as ‘Fantastic on-line processes'. However a couple said the struggled with the process.

We need to help those people who experience difficulty so that we can understand their problems and learn how we can address them. We intend to make sure our web site emphasises that anyone experiencing difficulty can request help from us personally.

Most felt our start and finish times were about right, although one person felt we were starting too early and another one finishing too late. Our format of 3 playing sessions and two breaks was agreed as being the right combination, although one person felt one break would be sufficient.

We thought that scheduling two breaks would help keep the event more social, although we think that if we only have one break, we should be able to get an earlier finish.

Entry Fee and Prizes
Virtually everyone thought our entry fee, number of prizes and individual prizes were OK. Two replies said our entry fee was too high and we have one reply each for our prizes being too low and too few.

We believe we have kept the entry fee at a level that will become sustainable for quality venues for the future. This experimental series has had some events where we did not cover our costs.

Travel and Venue
We appear to have an even split of players coming by car or public transport, bus, train and overwhelmingly, tram. Everyone found the venue easy to find and all agreed it was adequate.

We will continue to seek and provide public transport access and free car parking for future venues, and the Novotel at Edinburgh Park exceeded our expectations of a good chess venue by providing spacious accommodation in a modern and clean environment.

The feedback we received via the form and verbally indicated there is no reason why we should not use this venue again in the future.

Overall Impressions and Suggestions for Future Events
All respondents said they enjoyed the event and would come again. We received several positive comments, including ‘Great fun.’, ‘Decent smart venue.’, ‘Good to play in a quality venue close to home.’

Most players said they would play blitz events on Saturday (Mornings, afternoons or all day), however the majority would play again on Friday evening.

The Edinburgh event was the last in our experimental series of Friday Evening FIDE Blitz events and undoubtedly our most successful with numerous positive comments received by all members of the team from the participants.

We have learnt may things during experimental series, and as our confidence continues to grow we feel that we can proved professional and value for money blitz chess events on Friday evenings in the future.

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