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2011 Team Lightning - Grangemouth
I will be making up the crosstables on saturday morning
so will be accepting late entries up to friday night
I put in a lot of effort arranging this tournament, paying for halls etc
It is the same with the Richardson & Spens.
Please have some more entries or I will get demoralised
4 teams entered so far :
Cathcart, Hamilton, Wandering Dragons (2)

I have reserved venue at cost of £88

Some players don't want to play with so few teams. Others do.
I don't know what to do.

It would help to get some more entries. No late entry fee.
Possible entries from Shettleston , Edinburgh West (2)

Ken Stewart has advised no less than 8 teams (double round all-play all)

I shall phone the community centre today to ask if money can be refunded if cancelled.

I am inclined to cancel with 7 teams, proceed with 8 teams.

I will keep you informed of this exciting saga. Last time I am organising this
I just phoned Emma Allardyce at the Grangemouth CEU.
She needs a final answer in order to cancel the let by noon tomorrow.
So the event goes ahead if 8 confirmed entries by then
7 entries means event cancelled.
The current position is 4 confirmed entries & 3 unconfirmed entries
I can also accept entries at work : <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> , 01564-202804
6 confirmed entries :
Hamilton, Cathcart, Dragons (2), Shettleston, Ed West

Some clubs say they have some extra players who want to play
eg Ed West (2) , Cathcart (3).
I am happy to have 2 amalgamated teams if extra players can contact me by midday, otherwise it's off
I only received 6 entries so the 2011 event is cancelled.
I have contacted Grangemouth to cancel booking.
The 2012 event will be organised by Ken Stewart in March

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