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Fringe Meeting
The Gambit: see

On 10th-29th August (excluding Sundays) at 13.50pm - Greenside at Nicolson Square (Venue 209). Take on 'Karpov' on the Royal Mile at Blitz chess (he was there this morning before the performance at Greenside ... and can really play a bit).

Makes a change from all things CS constitutional. I'm going!
more details... I'm going i'm going just need to persuade the wife will there be alcohol ;Wink
Good as my word, I went to the play today.

Charged drama between Anatoly and Gary meeting up '25 years after'. Takes a bit of license with some of the verities but mainly dramatic. Who wins? Both lose, of course! It's the human condition.

Well acted, good use of chessboard and clock ... the players in the best Russian tradition knock back a bottle of vodka during the 50 minute action (must be water!).

Go see and make your own mind up.
I saw the play today.

Here is my review:

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