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Training in Scotland
still a little disappointed not to have won though. Still there is the European Blind Championships in Lyon in July
still looking for a coach Big Grin
Thanks for the kind words Pat as well much appreciated
and you as well Willie I appreciate them very much
Great time was had by all (as far as I'm aware) - I certainly learnt a lot and am inspired to do a lot more work on my calculation. Big thank you to Jonathan for donating his time - a lot more than "just" the full weekend+friday, he had clearly done his homework well on all these very complex positions which is no mean feat!

p.s. excellent score Steve!
Jonathan's lecture/workshop was excellent, as Hamish says. Very difficult at times, just plain difficult at other times Big Grin

Many thanks to Jonathan Grant (and also Neil Berry + Edinburgh Chess Club) for putting this on.

P.S. Well done Steve Hilton - great result!

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