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Kiwi chess app with Scottish connections...
The app e+Chess (for iPad or iPhone or iPod touch) is now live on iTunes - read all about it on <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. The reason I'm flagrantly pushing this on the Chess Scotland noticeboard is that one of the books available now is Andy Burnett's Streetfighting Chess. The app is free (and contains a free copy of Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals with an introduction by Jeremy Silman). Andy's book (available through the Store on the app) is US $ 14.99 - I don't know what that comes out as on the UK ITunes store. Any Scottish authors or publishers who would like their books to look like Andy's - get in touch with me!
I downloaded this for iPad.

Very impressed, and the sample book is pretty smart as well. Will be buying others pretty soon.

Well doen to the developers.

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