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Glasgow Allegro
This year's Glasgow Allegro will take place on Sunday (6th Nov) at Glasgow University Queen Margaret Students' Union. Details are in the calendar section of the Chess Scotland website.

Come along for an exciting day of chess. Entries taken up to 10am.
Chris, did you ever play down in Irvine area?
Only in tournaments, Patrick!
With 42 entrants so far, there's room for more at the Glasgow Allegro tomorrow. So bring yourself along for an exciting day of chess at the Queen Margaret Students' Union. Remember, we'll take entries right up till 10am!

A note for players intending to come by public transport: the Glasgow Subway does not run before 10am, so take a number 11 or 44 bus from Glasgow city centre to the university.

1st equal Vlad-Victor Barnaure (IM) 5/6 £75
Colin McNab (GM) 5/6 £75
3rd Roddy McKay (IM) 4.5/6 £25
Grading prize equal Neil Thomson 3.5/6 £7.50
Connor Woods 3.5/6 £7.50
1st Sam Phillips 6/6 £100
2nd Joseph Watson-McFie 4.5/6 £50
3rd equal Iain Campbell 4/6 £12.50
Paul Shafi 4/6 £12.50
Grading prize equal Ian Morris 3.5/6 £7.50
George Murphy 3.5/6 £7.50

1st Alexander Wallace O'Flynn 6/6 £100
2nd K.D.N. Jayawardena 5/6 £50
3rd Gordon Phillips 4/6 £25
Consolation prize Alexander Waddell 3/6 £15

Paul Shafi generously donated his prize to the sensory board fund.

Many thanks to Peter Woods of Chess Suppliers and Michael Hanley for their help.
George Murphy has also kindly donated his prize to the sensory board fund.

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