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Anyone have results from the allegro today in Edinburgh?

I really like the format of this event. An outdoor bowling club venue that is not regularly used at this time of year but will probably welcome all business (and have very reasonable hire costs?). A fair entry fee with no prize fund but five games against players of a similar grade. Snacks/ coffee and tea provided.

I feel it's a format that should be utilised more throughout the calendar.

That's my "noticeboard" line. Now my family line...

My son (aged 28) has been playing chess for fun recently on an online basis. He wants to start playing more seriously on an over the board basis (nothing to do with me!) but is afraid of being outclassed if he jumps straight to congress level. I thought allegro to get some over the board games.....

If we had regular allegro tournaments at weekends with no emphasis on dosh but on games, a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and above all a blether about chess in Scotland who knows?
I'm organising a tournament in Edinburgh in the weekend of 17th-18th January. It's not an allegro - it has a longer time control - but it is more informal than a congress although it is still graded.
The last tournament I organised had a player playing his first serious tournament and he said he enjoyed playing in it.

More information can be found on the Chess Scotland calendar. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 3514101946</a><!-- m -->

Robin - do you know roughly what rating your son has online?
Callum will you run one for players over 1600?
Patrick McGovern Wrote:Callum will you run one for players over 1600?

I don't have anything like that planned at the moment but if there were enough players interested then I might be able to run something like that in the future.

Sorry,just noticed this. He says he is 1150 ish on an online site. He hasn't played any over the board chess at all as far as I am aware.

The thing many players like my son are out there that play for "fun"? There must be loads of players out there in the Scottish online world that would love to play an over the board tournament.

How do we go about encouraging them to take part in allegros, congresses and hopefully joining clubs?

PS Calum (my son) is keen to play in the Glasgow allegro in a couple of weeks.

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