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U16 Olympiad

Have some better info now on how it has been going so far. Two main things...

1/ Our opponents have used their time probably better than us overall and are prepared to go to any lengths to get results.

2/ Not having a reserve is giving us serious prep problems. We don't know which player they will drop from their squad but they know our team order exactly and can prepare properly for it.

Sam and Shivan have had the worst time problems and both feel that their overall play has merited better results. Sam's 2144 Czech opponent called the arbiter over when both players had 30 secs or so, I guess they were in the Fischer time control. Sam's opponent correctly pointed out to the arbiter that Sam had not recorded his last 3 moves. What happened next had the Czech coach shaking his head in disbelief and embarassment. The Czech boy covered his scoresheet and refused Sam to see it. Sam got flustered and lost on time. Shivan was also in desperate time trouble in a couple of his games where he definitely was ok.

Ali is a bit annoyed with herself that in two games she could have won a piece. Overall though she feels she is playing well and is determined not to lose a game. She misses me having to put in a backshift with all of her games then taking her for dinner !

Andrew was livid when our opponents dropped their board 1 in round 5, meaning his preparation was worthless. That's probably what fired him up !

One other thing that is clear is that our junior internationals in general will have to get used to playing on live boards for all to see and accept that there will be comments made about their games.

Final thing is that they have got UAE B in round 6. Charlie says this is the first time they have had a chance to rest properly and prepare before a match.


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