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Council meeting

Your second paragraph sounds a little like what you suggested in you first sentence. Fundamentally, I believe this is a debate that CS needs to have along with the debate around compulsory membership.

You asked for my view:
Am I in favour of all scottish junior organisations being affiliated to CS? Yes, definitely, I would hope that all junior organisations see it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Part of my efforts this year has been talking to all junior organisations to try and get them on-board. For instance, I have spoken to NEJCA and they reserve their position until more details are available on this proposal and the matter has been discussed at the Home Junior Board.

Am I in favour of junior games being charged for grading? Yes, I am of the view there should be a nominal amount per player per game charged. As the grading system is a service provided by CS, I think this view is fairly universal amongst players and organisers in Scotland but I could be wrong.

As I also mentioned yesterday I share a lot of the views on here. I share your fear wrt to schools chess and spoke to a coach who goes into a primary school and teaches on this subject last night. My view is that if the regional league/association is affiliated then schools within that catchment area should be covered by the affiliation of the regional body. My view is that the council proposal should be passed to the Home Junior Board for further consideration however the others on council may not agree with me.

Edit: I will be unavailble until after 5pm today but hopefully this post clears up my position and the view I am taking on Sunday.
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