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URGENT Corstorphine, Ayr, Ayr Armageddon
These teams are a little bit past the deadline for entries (15/10/11). I left the Giffnock entries until the last possible moment because I can only guarantee 1.6 teams rather than 2.0. After last season I am embarrassed at the thought of further defaults. In my time as Secretary, we had zero defaults until the final day last season, when Giffnock 'B' defaulted an entire match. As it stands, I may soon have to stand down as club secretary as, despite the entry, I cannot guarantee two full teams this month.

I personally dislike default wins, I would rather lose a contested game. I feel that our opponents have been short-changed if we cannot turn out a full team. The entry fee is of the order of £2 per board.

What is the penalty for late entry? I ask this because I have just had to pay a £5 late entry fee for the Scarborough Congress, and that is for one individual.

Don't get me wrong, I want these teams to be part of the competition, to provide enough games for everyone else, but late entry should carry some penalty. I am not sure whether a financial or a points penalty would be more appropriate. Their non-appearance would also cause difficulties in determining in which division the remaining teams play.

I look forward to seeing you on the 30th.

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