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Tromso Olympiad 2014
I have tried very hard to make my position very clear, but from Andrew Muir's comments I have clearly not expressed myself very well. I apologise and I will try once more

1. I have never sought, am not seeking, and will never seek a 'backdoor' entry into the Scottish team
2. ChessScotland sets eligibility rules for the Scottish Olympiad and European Championships Team and I fully accept that at present these mean I am ineligible for these events
3. As a corollary of 1 and 2. I will not be accepting a place at the Tromso Olympiad as either a 'wildcard' or 'special invitee'.

Possibly now would be a good time to worry ourselves slightly less about the players that are ineligible and perhaps turn our attention to things like sponsorship, so that some of the players who are actually eligible end up going!


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