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Happy New Year
I would also agree with the thoughts of Alex when he says "I'm not one for New Year Resolutions - I once resolved not to make resolutions, but broke that one immediately! - but can I suggest that we all put petty differences aside and work together to make this a truly great year for Scottish chess."

I must repeat however that would require acknowledgement of past mistakes by BOTH sides. I said this at the first part of the AGM, and I have observed that since then that nothing has changed since then. Chess Scotland must make use of all the talented people it has to call upon regardless of their beliefs in various chess matters.
The advancement of chess in our country is the most important thign that we have to aim for, and I repeat that we will not achieve this until there is reconciliation from BOTH sides because if we don't then CS is will stagnate.

I wish everyone especially those who have disagreed with me in the past and there are many Big Grin a happy and prosperous 2014

Yours Sincerely,
Stephen Hilton
Secretary General
International Braille Chess Association
FIDE Committee " Chess for the Disabled"

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