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I am belatedly reading Craig's initial posting and can now reply to one of his points.

Fairhurst v Aitken
There are 28 encounters between them in Fairhurst's notebooks, the games being played between 1931-1962. The results are Fairhurst won 11, Aitken won 9 and 8 were drawn.

They faced each other in Richardson Cup matches between Glasgow CC and Edinburgh CC, Glasgow League v Edinburgh League matches, and Scottish Championships.

These results include two matches played in 1937/38. Fairhurst won the first match 3½-2½, but Aitken took the second with a score of 5½-2½. Details of both matches are in the CS History Archive.

John Crum
Re David Congalton's comments:
There are some brief notes about John Crum in the Biographies section of the Archive.

There is a portrait of Mr Crum in the Edinburgh CC; I would be very grateful if someone could take a photograph of it and send it to me so that it can be added to the biography. (Apparently, it is too large to scan.) It would be good to show an image of the Scottish Champion of 1884, the year the SCA was founded.

Historian, Chess Scotland

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