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AGM Election Results
StevieHilton Wrote:Pat,

However, there are questions that need to be answered..

Hi Steve

I know you well Steve, and I know you mean well, but your post is the kind of thing we want to move a away from

Your note that David was the only candidate that impressed is unfair - some weren't even in the room. Indeed if you had concerns about everyone you should have raised them weeks ago - especially as you were running for president to lead them. Its a fairly new team - please give them a chance to show what they can do.

I would like to respond to your questions if I may:
Proxys - everyone , as far as I could make out, agreed that the proxy system is and was not right - Buyer be ware - the person giving the proxy should know it can be misused. . It was confirmed that we could not change it for this years AGM so we were stuck with it. It was agreed the proxy system will be changed.

I can't comment on how the MS gained his proxy no's but as far as I could make out the proxy's did not make any difference to any voting- even the close ones

Alcohol- I don't get why everyone gets such a bee in their bonnet. Anyone causing a serious incident through alcohol would be stupid not to think it would not be reported and dealt with- policy or no policy. A policy is in the process of being implemented anyway and this was pointed out. In the absence of this, common sense prevails - its getting far to politically correct - I for one don't favour a complete ban. Chess tournaments are social events - like Alan Tate suggested some of my best memories were at International/British events and the social side is what made it so special. These days its often a family event and after the days play many parents socialise in the evening with coaches etc- what's the big deal?

Andy Muir did have a tough time - to his credit he did not take the huff and took it on the chin. Tom Donahue spoke very well for Andy and summed it up well. Andy eventually acknowledged that he needed to change and he got rewarded with a turnaround positive vote on the second Vote. I have also seen Andy post on the forum today or last night and as he said himself he is going to try harder with posts etc. However uncomfortable it was for him I think it's done him a huge favour.

I agree with your point re MS using "shut up" a few times. The meeting was difficult to handle at times especially when time was running out- most people chairing the meting would have made the odd mistake - I know I would have.

The individual members vote could have gone better but it got there in the end- the votes were not even close.

The Standards committee: If directors are allowed on then they are. The working committee is looking at procedures and I assume you can make a suggestion on change - if not you can call a motion next time you get the chance and it can go to the vote

Next tournament, perhaps largs, we can sit down over a beer and have a healthy debate Smile

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