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AGM motion queries
Mike Scott Wrote:If it is more of a take over or imposition or in some ways sucks the local organisers into the maelstrom of CS than I would be less keen!

Well it IS a takeover - the question being rather, is it a good thing, or for whom. The priorities of Chess Scotland might differ from those of ordinary clubs. On the financial side, clubs that wouldn’t normally spend more than a tenner on a chess set may not see the benefit of paying dues to an organisation that sees the priority to spend £700 a time on electronic boards, or pay titled players to play in expensive to enter chess tournaments. There is also a level of politicisation that comes with centralisation. I’m not sure Fide-ization is a good direction for everyone, nor is it necessarily good for clubs to be driven by the priorities of external bodies. There is also a measure about politicisation that isn’t about chess, including a level of ‘child protection’ that ordinary players might describe as paranoia. I expect there are plenty of other issues too.

All this might be good, but there are a lot of chess bodies who would be affected. So I would have thought there would be quite a debate about this. Maybe there is. If there isn’t, that's fine.

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