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AGM Candidates
Quote:If you want an independent and unbiased SC you can not have the AGM - or an office bearer - instructing it what to investigate.

I don't see the problem with the AGM/council/an office bearer having some form of this power, so long as they don't have the power to instruct the SC NOT to investigate something.

Robert M's post does raise concerns regarding the suspended individual - and if this matter isn't going to just disappear (unlikely by the sound of things) then CS as an organisation is going to have to deal with it somehow. Referring it back to the SC for a review might be an option they can't ignore?! We certainly shouldn't be starting a new season with new faces involved in CS directorships with this mess unresolved Sad

# I confess I have no idea what the constitution of CS allows it to do in this respect - but as there has been no official response as to why the motions were blocked, neither I suspect does anyone else?

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